What is StartWheel?

StartWheel is an online platform that curates and coordinates entrepreneurial activities that are taking place across Hampton Roads, Virginia, also known as #The757.

Why is StartWheel needed?

Hampton Roads has a population that exceeds 1.7 million people. Within the region there are 17 jurisdictions, 16 military bases, 11 colleges and universities, a NASA research laboratory, a federal laboratory and the deepest port on the east coast.

A footprint that size generates a staggering amount of entrepreneurial activities. So much so, our local Angel Investor group, 757 Angels, was recently recognized as a top ten Angel Fund network….for the second year in a row.  Yet, entrepreneurs state that navigating the regional pipeline of entrepreneurship is extremely difficult because of the number of independent activities and sources of information.

StartWheel solves the challenge!

As a “one stop shop”, entrepreneurs only need to visit one information source to get the information they need.

How does StartWheel do it?

  • Consolidates all of the news and information that you need to know to start and grow a business and interact with the entrepreneur community.
  • Coordinates all of the entrepreneurial events that are taking place either online or in person. We’ve eliminated the need to check multiple calendars, we have everything listed in one place for your convenience. Meetups, learning opportunities or celebrations, StartWheel has you covered.
  • Celebrates all of the entrepreneurial successes that are taking place around the region. StartWheel serves as the voice of the community to help amplify your success to a broader audience.

Why StartWheel needs your support?

StartWheel is a 501c3 organization that is solving one of the area’s biggest challenges: helping entrepreneurs find the quickest path to success. Your resources allow us to collect, consolidate and share the information needed across our growing network. We can attest, keeping up with the latest and greatest within our region is more than a full-time job. Imagine trying to connect with the region while starting a new business…

How is StartWheel measuring up to the task?

StartWheel is proud to share that we were recently voted by the Hampton Roads community as the #1 resource for the best startup program in #The757. With your support we can keep charging forward to create the next generation of businesses and entrepreneurship in the region.

How you benefit?

When you become a StartWheel sponsor, you are immediately connected with our entrepreneurial community that exceeds thousands of entrepreneurs, supporters and decision makers.

With your contribution you will be:

  • Featured on our website as a recommended entrepreneurial supporter and/or vendor
  • Featured on our social media as a recommended entrepreneurial supporter and/or vendor
  • Featured in our newsletter
  • Able to host a class or workshop in your area of expertise

Please contact Tim Ryan with any questions about StartWheel Sponsorships

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