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California, USA, United States

The problem is: the written word can be bookmarked, snipped, highlighted, indexed, parsed, read-aloud, translated, and so on. Audio is currently opaque.

At Fathom, our mission is to bring the same power that humans have over text, to audio. Audio conversations should be just as dissect-able and extensible as text, and with today's ever-accelerating AI technologies––Fathom is doing just that.‍

We've developed a novel approach to conversational AI which assigns hyper-dimensional vectors to every aspect of human conversation: words, phrases, paragraphs, and even the larger concepts which make up podcast chapters, whole episodes, or shows. This allows us to spread podcaster's content far and wide to exactly the listeners who are interested in those ideas.

In addition, Fathom makes podcasts searchable like text. Even better actually, because unlike keyword-based search engines like Google, you can ask natural-language questions like "Where will AI take us?" and jump straight to moments in podcasts where they are discussing exactly that.

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