Webinar for SBDCs – How to advise your clients toward profitability

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If the goal of your work with clients is ensuring that they are prepared for real world challenges and equipped to be profitable or return to profitability, it requires advisors to focus early and often on the foundational principles of entrepreneurial finance and planning.
At both the startup and the growth levels, an advisor’s focus must be on engaging clients with the core fundamentals of entrepreneurship like financial modeling, forecasting, managing cash flow, and planning and adjusting their plan in real time. These timeless principles best prepare clients for proposing new business models, pivoting, and preparing their businesses to endure the most vulnerable early years and current day challenges and succeed in growing, scaling, and maturing as businesses.
Small businesses in the first 10 years are the most vulnerable which requires that advisors produce well trained and prepared clients who both understand and execute on these core principles. In the end, the most important content, which we believe is entrepreneurial finance and planning, should be taught early and often and should be a part of the advising relationship and conversation at every level in every concept.
Join the team at Palo Alto Software for a webinar training focused on how to incorporate a focus on finances and planning proactively in the beginning and into every client meeting over time, to ensure clients are building and managing their businesses on a solid foundation that can best weather current and future challenges.

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