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Telework Is Now More Important to Your Company’s Success Than Ever!

Telework has been an option for some businesses for many years. Some businesses have actually engaged this practice for many years. However, COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way many businesses operate. Some businesses have found themselves forced to integrate telework into their daily operations just to survive.

COVID-19 may not have “forced” you to adopt telework as an option, but you may find this simply makes good business sense. This workshop will:

• Help you develop an overall telework strategy

• Identify the benefits of a telework program

• Help you develop key metrics to measure performance

• Introduce some best practices associated with telework

This is a “FREE” webinar and assistance establishing a telework program for your company can also be done at no cost.

About the presenters:

Katherine Molin

Katherine is one of the Mobility Program Managers at the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation where she oversees programs and projects for Transportation Demand Management grants. Katherine is a firm believer and “walks the talk” when it comes to her commute options. She has been an avid transit and bicycle commuter for the past 20+ years. Katherine graduated with a BS – Business Management degree from Mars Hill College in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. In her spare time, Katherine loves to draw and paint for family and friends, along with her mother/daughter trips to Canada.

Robin Mack

Robin is CEO of Mack Global LLC and has been the telework consultant for the Telework!VA program under the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation for 5 years. In her earlier years, she spearheaded the Virginia Department of Taxation’s telework initiative earning the 2008 Governor’s Technology Award for the Best Telework Initiative in the State for Public Sector. She currently serves as Secretary on the board for the ACT Telework Council.

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