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A Free Business Development Webinar Sponsored by SBSD

In business, change is a constant. To face the unknown, you need a Resiliency Roadmap – three basic steps that help you uncover: 1) The core strengths of your organization. 2) The financial and business data to drive informed decisions. 3) The methodology to pivot with success. With real-world examples and easy-to-follow steps, this instructional webinar shows you how to break down a complex challenge into manageable processes and gives you an action plan that can be taken back to your organization and implemented immediately.

Every business needs a resiliency plan. Whether due to the COVID Pandemic or some other adversity, your business will face obstacles. This webinar can help you develop a strategy to outmaneuver these obstacles and thrive.

About the Presenter:

Deaton Group CEO and Founder David Deaton has more than two decades of experience transforming organizations through strategic planning, market research, and effective execution. David has led countless organizations in successfully moving from chaotic to strategic change, guiding them through hyper-growth; creating turnaround strategies; jumpstarting stalled businesses; and, pivoting to reach new markets. He has consistently empowered organizations to overcome steep challenges and become more efficient, resilient, and profitable. David shares his real-world experience in strategy and business resiliency which are crucial for today’s climate.

Prior to starting Deaton Group Consulting, David held a director-level position for a global nonprofit organization. In this role, he led strategic planning and departmental alignment, market research and analysis, group facilitation, and project and product launches globally and for the organization’s Asia Pacific Region. David began his career in logistics, conducting demand and market analysis, and has gained professional experience with Fortune 100 companies, nonprofits, and small businesses.

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