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Understand the Basics to Help Maximize Your Use of Quickbooks

Some business owners feel that accounting is the dull, boring side of their business. As long as they’re “making money” and have Quickbooks as their accounting tool, they can avoid dealing with the numbers. That’s simply not true! You have probably heard the adage, “If you don’t put the right ingredients in, the soup won’t turn out right”. The same applies to Quickbooks; if the information is not set up and entered correctly, the information you get out will NOT be as good as it should be.

This may not describe you, but if you want to make sure your investment in Quickbooks is yielding the maximum return, you’ll attend this free webinar. This workshop will help you understand:

• Key financial statements for your business (P&L and Balance Sheet)

• The differences between accrual and cash accounting

• How to create and edit your Chart of Accounts

• And more

This is a “FREE” webinar.

About the presenter:

Jamie Johnson Brown

Jamie is a seasoned CPA in the public accounting arena for more than 17 years; providing accounting, tax, and business consulting services to a variety of local and national small/medium sized entities, owners, and individuals. Jamie’s career began with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (McLean, VA) and ended with Frank & Company CPAs, p.c., (McLean, VA a partner with Prager Metis) when she decided to fulfill her entrepreneurial spirit fulltime. Jamie believes accounting is frequently overlooked as a valuable and primary need for any successful business. Therefore, her mission is to educate business owners and individuals that the key to success is not solely in making dollars but making sense of those dollars and their impact on one’s business. Jamie earned her Bachelor of Science in accounting from the Smeal College of Business at The Pennsylvania State University. Jamie is also an Adjunct Professor at George Mason University, Fairfax campus, teaching auditing and accounting courses. Jamie is the Principal of Ascend Accounting & Business Solutions.

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