Key Ways to Maintain Business Relationships These Days

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3-Part Marketing Series with Red Hawk Strategic Solutions

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This 3-Part Marketing Series is designed to help businesses owner with ideas that will help with customer service skills during COVID-19.

3/24/2021 How To Be A Magnet in Customer Service

Do you wonder HOW your competitors keep growing even during the Pandemic? Maybe it’s time to pause and learn how to go

from good to great in your customer’s eyes. There is a huge opportunity to SHINE right now with consumers shifting their buying patterns. Learn Winning Ways to not only pull customers and clients closer but HOW to KEEP them engaged.

Participants will leave this workshop with:

  • Understanding your brand promise and how it relates to Customer Service
  • Seeing how YOU are seen in the community
  • Ways to build customer loyalty that work – Especially during the Pandemic
  • Building Team consensus that drives the culture of exceptional service
  • Asking the right questions with applied active listening
  • Deeper dive – VIRTUAL Ways to best connect

4/7/2021 Key Ways to Maintain Business Relationships These Days

Learn proven methods to stay connected and not fall off a customer or client’s radar. Developing these timely and vital skills will help protect your business and/or career opportunities. Learn to develop an innate awareness to build trust so relationships can form, and goals can be accomplished. And make sure you are worthy of being trusted. Learn how to stand out in a crowd – be the REAL deal – Improve the value you bring to the marketplace even though you are not in person as much.

Participants will leave this workshop with:

  • Ways to best represent your brand-promise so others remember to choose you first
  • Connecting and then networking (even during Covid-19) that builds relationships
  • Doing “the ask” the right way for introductions and referrals
  • Social Media Tips and Tricks
  • Customer service that anchors your street cred and makes you TOP OF MIND
  • Putting it all together – The next steps customized for you to put into motion

4/21/2021 Removing What Blocks Your Way When Leading and Connecting

Today’s truly effective leaders must understand with clarity what makes others take action, so they want to jump on board. Come explore the psychology behind successful leadership. This is the class you will wish you had taken years ago. It will help you at the office, in your business, and even in your personal relationships.

Participants will leave this workshop with:

  • The Motivation needed to actually get up and get it done – Understanding what gets in our way
  • Explore how likely your style is to attract or repel others
  • Why did they do that? Reading others behavior from a distance and understanding what you see
  • Take it back – strategize – handling to improve your image after a negative event
  • Learn HOW to overcome Team building bias so you advance to accomplishing
  • See how aligning others in your network moves the needle closer to your goals
  • Explore where you can be more effective when working with others

About the Presenter:

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker founded Red Hawk Strategic Solutions in 2015 to help businesses strategically grow customers and sales. For 20 years prior, Elizabeth led non-traditional business development initiatives for Virginia and North Carolina corporations. Today, clients seek Elizabeth’s training to master the customer service experience, grow their market and referrals, or develop new programs. Her magnetism puts strangers at ease and has led to fun and exciting collaborations. Elizabeth created Growth Networking and trained over a thousand professionals on those successful techniques so they too can connect like a magnet. She cultivates strangers into lasting friendships and explores relationship-making concepts in her upcoming book. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor’s degree from Old Dominion University in Political science, a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Strayer University, and is certified in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University, September 2020.

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