Growing Through the Pandemic Part 2

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This is the last of a 4-Part Business Series with Arrington Coaching

2020 has forever changed the business landscape and in many ways made it more difficult for small business owners to survive, much less thrive. Small business owners need an augmented skillset to compete in a post-pandemic marketplace. Arrington Coaching will provide workshops on two relevant topics.

Topic #1: Leading RemotelyTuesday, April 13, 2021, at 1:00 PMSession learning objectives:

  • Why remote work is here to stay
  • Creating a remote team vs. having people working remotely
  • Why small businesses MUST embrace remote work
  • How remote teams can be good for the bottom line
  • Why remote work can expand your capabilities
  • Creating an organizational culture remotely
  • Leading in remote employees
  • How any (and every) business can leverage remote teams

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, at 1:00 PM

Session learning objectives:

  • Remote team communication dos and don’ts
  • Realistic remote team expectations
  • Remote realities: tech, time, and bandwidth
  • Critical technology you need to make remote teams work
  • Working effectively with remote staff
  • Building healthy relationships remotely
  • Accountability in remote work

Topic #2: Growing Through the PandemicThursday, April 29, 2021, at 1:00 PMSession learning objectives:

  • How you can and should be growing your company right now
  • The mindset you will need to make it through the pandemic
  • Leading your company fearlessly
  • Why this time is so difficult
  • Preparing for and handling the changes that are yet to come
  • Finding silver linings
  • Clarifying your processes
  • The critical processes you need to run your business
  • Knowing which professionals to call and when to call them for help

Thursday, May 6, 2021, at 1:00 PMSession learning objectives:

  • Your most important role as owner/founder/CEO of your company
  • Making connections when you can’t network (like normal)
  • The importance of imagination
  • Identifying ways to serve your current clients now
  • Why good is better than perfect
  • Reimaging what can be vs. trying to reclaim what was
  • The power of alliances
  • Becoming a more resilient organization

Workshop Presenter

Dr. David Arrington helps leaders leverage what’s now and prepare for what’s next. He is a sought-after executive coach, speaker, author, and facilitator. With over 15 years of leadership and executive coaching experience, David is a force multiplier for his clients. He has authored over 15 courses on leadership and personal development. You can find out more about how he can help you prepare for what’s next at

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