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We invite you to attend a showcase of Entrepreneurial Thinkers at William & Mary hosted by the Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center.

Join us for a showcase of Entrepreneurial Thinkers to hear how entrepreneurial thinking is shaping startups at William & Mary, the Greater Williamsburg region, and beyond.

  • 9:30 – 9:40 Welcome
  • 9:40 – 9:55 Entrepreneurial Thinker Breakouts Round 1
  • 9:55 – 10:10 Entrepreneurial Thinker Breakouts Round 2
  • 10:10 – 10:25 Entrepreneurial Thinker Breakouts Round 3
  • 10:25 – 10:30 Wrap

Below is a list of the Entrepreneurial Thinkers participating. You get to select up to 3 from the list and visit their breakout rooms during the showcase event to have an opportunity to hear their story, network, and connect.

Alexis Perkins, Launchpad Member – 2020 Start Peninsula Winner

Chair One Fitness (2019)

We break down barriers making fun fitness options available to anyone no matter their age or ability. Our company uses two different business models. Business to Consumer and Business to Business. We also utilize a subscription model as well.

Robyn Bruechert (BBA Finance, I&E Concentration, Hispanic Studies Minor, ‘20), Matt Guenther (MBA, I&E Specialization, ‘20), ICAP Cohort February 2021

Toast (2021)

We want to make it easier, less stressful, and more fulfilling for college students to get a job when they graduate by helping keep them on track and connecting them with companies that meet their needs.

We offer a career planning platform to universities and their students and a recruiting tool for companies seeking to recruit college students for internships and full-time positions.

Cara Simpson (MBA, ‘21), Tribe Ventures Spring ‘21, Greater Williamsburg Business Council 15 Under 50 Finalist ‘20

CrimDell Small Business Network (2020)

To empower small business owners and William & Mary students by fostering community, disseminating resources, and building lasting partnerships in the Greater Williamsburg area.

We aim to partner with small business owners in the Greater Williamsburg Area to help empower them with guidance, collaboration, and an introduction to the right toolset. We offer the experience and expertise of students, faculty, and associates from Mason School of Business at William & Mary, preparing small business owners for sustainable growth. By connecting local businesses with the business school, we strive to create a supportive long-term relationship between William & Mary and the surrounding community.

Neil McLean (BBA Business Analytics, BA Art History, ‘18), Chris Hoyle (BS Computer Science, BBA Business Analytics, ‘18), Lighthouse Labs Summer ‘20 , Startup Boost, NY Fall ‘20, Y Combinator Winter ‘21

Navattic (2020)

Enable product-led growth, everywhere.

Navattic helps SaaS sales and marketing teams create shareable product demos

Taylor Vitaletti, Launchpad Member

Blast Love Daily (2021)

Blast Love Daily’s mission is to educate, inspire and fill the world with love. BLD is passionate about health, wellness, experiment, laugh, play and love to make the world a better place together as a community.

BLD vision is to empower everyone, everywhere to be kind and fearless. BLD has worked very hard to create a kindness experience in a box that promotes being kind to yourself, being kind to others and being kind to the planet. Subscription boxes have been increasing in popularity and it is predicted that the arts and craft industry will be worth 50.91 billion by 2024. Our target market buyers are busy millennial moms with kids ages 5-10. Our marketing strategy is to use word of mouth though out the community, reach new and existing customers though social media and leverage relationships with local businesses.

Abby Johnson, Launchpad Member

Virginia PACE Authority

Our mission is to educate, promote and facilitate the implementation of clean energy and resilient solutions for commercial buildings through the administration of C-PACE financing programs.

The Virginia PACE Authority (VPA) is a nonprofit organization that provides C-PACE program administration services for Virginia cities and counties. VPA is committed to implementing a low-cost, open market C-PACE program that incorporates industry best practices and promotes clean energy in the Commonwealth. As the program administrator, VPA works with commercial businesses, property owners, contractors and local governments to facilitate the financing of energy efficiency, renewable energy and resilient projects on both new and existing buildings.

Celeste Vaughn and Rodger Bennett, Launchpad Member, 2020 Start Peninsula Winner


Hottrok is committed to providing the simplest, most efficient and user-friendly carrier systems for the radiant heating market, one piece at a time.

Hottrok is a tiling substrate for installing radiant heat under tile. It expedites installation, improves the set quality, insulates the heated floor from the substrate and helps isolate structural crack issues.

Peter van Davelaar, Launchpad Member, 2020 Start Peninsula Winner

M-Wave Corp. (2020)

To design, build, and sell a coffee maker that works in a microwave oven.

Manufacture and sell an IP protected coffee brewer that is significantly different than competitive coffee brewers.

Fatima Jerez (degree, grad year), Tribe Ventures Spring ‘21

Outspeak Marketing (2020)

We are a social media marketing agency on a mission to strengthen lifestyle brands through personal connections and storytelling while uplifting female entrepreneurs.

We provide social media marketing services to female entrepreneurs with value-driven businesses. Our two-tier service system is composed of monthly social media management revenue and one-time branding services revenue. Our key activities revolve around building trust with our customers, and quality personalized services that are delivered digitally. Additionally, we strive to facilitate the same authenticity online that we want to see in the world and share our Gen Z perspective of social media.

Harris Ligon (MBA ‘18)


We make freight railroads simple, efficient, and automated.

Telegraph is the next-generation operating system for freight railroads and rail shippers. We make software for hardware in motion.

Juliana Cantarutti (BS Neuroscience, Minor Biochemistry, ‘21), Tyler Standfield (BBA Business Analytics, Minor Music, ‘21), Tribe Ventures Spring ‘21

For the Ribbons

Mission: To : a) raise awareness on inequities in the US healthcare system, and b) eradicate medical debt for Americans in need

FTR is a nonprofit organization that provides financial relief to Americans who have incurred medical debt. Additionally, we raise awareness on inequities in US healthcare by telling the stories of those who have suffered through the burden of medical debt, firsthand. To fulfill our goal, we actively search for places in which medically related financial aid could benefit patients. We then create relief funds on behalf of these individuals. Fundraisers are hosted throughout the year so that we may help these patients pay off their debts and focus on their road to recovery.

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