Cybersecurity Awareness for SBDC Consultants – What You Need to Know (For SBDCs)

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The America’s SBDC is rolling out a nationwide cybersecurity awareness campaign under the North Star CMM model. This campaign will address the basics of cybersecurity awareness that all small businesses need. As cyber-attacks increase and increased government regulation bring cybersecurity to the attention of small business owners, we need to be prepared for the questions that will come our way as SBDC consultants.
This program will provide guidance on what basic cyber security awareness entails, how the North Star CMM model will help you prepare and what programs you can participate in over the next year to promote good cyber hygiene within your small business communities. The content will be presented in a non-technical fashion and will directly relate to the way we do business as SBDC consultants and the way our small business clients view cybersecurity. 
Join us for this one-hour program and learn more about cybersecurity, the North Star CMM model and how it can help you improve the resilience of your clients and protect the value they work so hard to build within their businesses.

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