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Your Computer Is Not As Safe As You Think!

Most small businesses operate from home. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many more businesses have pivoted to a “work from home” environment for an indefinite period of time. While working from home, you probably have some level of security to protect your computer and data from hackers. However, your system is more vulnerable now than it ever has been. If the computer system of any small business is successfully attacked, that business is crippled – maybe not permanently, but it could be severe. As a result, your business is more vulnerable and exposed than it ever has been.

Take the time to learn the steps you can utilize to protect the “heart” of your business. This workshop will:

• Explain how you can be hacked if you have children (others) playing video games over the same router used for your business

• Show you how to safeguard from “Zoom” style video attacks

• Show how to defend against “Internet of Things” (IOT) & personal devices and networks. This includes remote security systems, computer operated home appliances (refrigerators, Alexa, etc.)

• Demonstrate how to develop secure and protected passwords

*Your Home Network is only as strong as your weakest link (our children)*

This is a “FREE” webinar and assistance establishing a telework program for your company can also be done at no cost.

About the presenters:

Ricardo Frost

Ricardo is CIO of RFK Solutionz, Inc an 8A certified company that provides Information Technology services and training support to the Federal Government, State, local colleges and businesses. RFK has successfully trained the US Armed Forces in IT security and is one of the only companies in the country with an approved mobile cybersecurity training facility.

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